while my MA study, I have been growing for all the time. From unit 1, I understood that , designs should have feasibility, and from this unit 2, I learnt that, designs should be done in a very high efficient ( whatever on the design part , making part or others.) ; have an overall situation and schedule before start to do things ; I also have problem of indecision and think about things in a complex way, I often spend too much time comparing different ideas, it is good for evaluating different ideas but it should be controlled, otherwise I would not have time to research on deeply. in my future designs, I should avoid this problem.


I did the script structure analysis and designs based on previous works I did. Meanwhile, I start to write a proposal for Unit3 works. this two are both still in process.屏幕快照 2016-05-19 01.03.05 IMG_7662



Today I measured lecture theatre and emailed Jaya that could I use that space.屏幕快照 2016-05-19 17.56.11

It is actually a good place for perform, with day lights, with cross girders in the lecture theatre which hanging several lamps and projection and a stair towards to the gate in front of canteen. There is possibilities for the factors I need to produce a perform. After I made a comfrim of that I can use it, I would do analysis of this space later. 

IMG_7670 IMG_7671 IMG_7672 IMG_7673 IMG_7674 IMG_7675

Also, I did more search of threads using in art works.  1. .bertrandflachot

11-Pers 10-trans

2.cornelia parker


Idea2 – for body and body movements.

I mentioned about three fates in Unit2 research. Threads are the main element I am using threads referring the concept of ” fate”, moreover, with the script analysis I did above, I also found that four main characters are confirming the identity of Oedipus. So, in some degree, their words, referring to the evidence, is getting of layers of truth gently. Regarding it, I had a general idea of they are actual “faces”, controlling the fate of Oedipus.

The material of the threads would be a rubber band, so, it could be stretching and shrinking, so it will maintain the shape of “straight.”

the installation on the body, which fixed with fabrics would be wood joint, so, it could be easily connected and separated from every point.



img044costume design



model making 1 with Michael

model making workshop