After gave the subject matter of resilience,our group came with different explain and reading of this word. We interpret it as a balance. Because this is about applying force on an item on the article to give a reaction force concept. In physical context, we understand it Weili reaction. This is the principle of conservation of energy. First of all, we just wanted to express through the traces of a life, and make it disappear, then we developed it into a circle of life cycle, and taking into account the most common life several actions to “breathe”, “food”, “walk”, “Death. We set up a square white platform,  two rings on both sides of the oblique line of the screen for the projection and sound. Later, in a couple of  rehearsals in the theater space, we tried to express these concepts, we developed a story line and characters personality:

I played a man character in  the show, at the outset, I set my routes, then, my virus, or another me appeared, she was not available for walking out what I set out area, we breathe, I was big mouth breathing, her just trembling breath; we ate, I have enough food she needed to compete for this food from me; we walk, thread representd my life, along with pull, I gave her; I finally died, she could not survive.

our make up represented the difference of our personalities as well , in that play, I was a look person, I staring my virus all the time as well as audiences and everything. For her, we want to exaggerate the part of eat, which is the very simple principle for a life. So, we use rectangular for presenting the most important part in our make up, and made a echo between us.

Basically, I was in a dominant position, she was in a subordinate position. Our costume design is thus to explain, my clothing more formal, almost my entire people are covered, I also wear long pants, her clothes are tattered, exposing a lot of skin.

Our main tone of all the story  is red and white, because in Chinese traditional understanding,  red about the blood, marriage, as well as generations of blood contact.

From coating, smashing the cake and casting the cake, our entire performance are very messy, that is because, we considered that person’s birth and death, are not clean, but a mixture of blood, mucus produced by the body, or rot. We do not hope that it is visually uncomfortable to express this, but in the mapping of life.