The teamwork of the project, gave me great inspiration, and experience of  how it is beginning of a play and how it works.

First of all, it give a express of the series of processes for the produce a play . From understanding the text, the collision design , to execute this a lot of things very trivial because drama is a comprehensive art, so it comes to  many aspects while the  team is very large. Designers, actors, productions, light designers, assistants, good team are very serious about this a little work time which makes the whole process was very smooth and successful.This is very important for learning “collaborative” in theatre design.
Next, it is about understand self and others.  For the same understanding of things, everyone will have their own ideas,this is not surprising, what important for this is coordination and handle.  Meanwhile, the division of labor is very important,everyone has their own benefits and drawback ,how can we manage it in a best way is very essential for the successful works. When we are facing a common problem at the same time, we also learned a lot from each other, stand by or make a concession, different choice may led a both good ends.

05.11.2015 information of collaborative work

Collaborative Project 1 – A Working Manifesto.


to work across disciplines in Digital Theatre and Theatre Design to bring together the interests, current skillsets and knowledge of different subject areas within the disciplines.


you have 8 weeks to formulate and complete the project – which must take place in the theatre at WCA on Thursday 14th Jan 2016

you need to collectively decide what you mean by “ collaboration”.

NB – for this specific project, you may only use the space of the Theatre at WCA for the performance itself.


to work collectively to set out what themes/ideas unite the group.


you have a budge limit of 300 pounds.

you will need to decide tasks and assign roles for the performance so that all contribute equally to the show.


you will need investigate sources and research ideas to help you develp the initial concepts.

This may include witnessing performances, exhibitions, environments etc, as well as more traditional ideas of research.

please watch the film by Lars Trier and Jorgen Leth – The Five Obstruction(2003). You do not have to directly use this work in your performance but it is a useful provocation.


please bring source/ quotes/ research / imagery to all your group discussions to help develop the project.

Establish a theme/idea and title the show. Will you use a script? How might you devise this?

you might like a establish a production ‘agenda’ to help divide tasks, roles.

Be on time for your meetings: you do not want to waste time, or the time of your fellow workers when making theatre/performance as the medium is time poor.


Think about effective ways of gaining feedback from your audience.

We talked about all of our works and ideas to Jane, we stayed in the theatre for one day and tried to measure this space by our sense, then we got some very great suggestions from Jane

4-5 small mobemnt
Robert Wilson
might be delay, must be stillness and repetition
sequence of events
one of event
one after another together

We were give separated time for each group in theatre for measure or test size of apply our ideas in theatre while talk about the research we did each.

based on the last design and Jane’s suggestions, we talked about the design, method of performance, how projections works.

SEESAW. which present a kind of balance when one side goes up while one side drop down.

We did group presentation in the morning in front of Michael and Jane gave us a positive suggestion of details.In the afternoon, we tried to think our project in more detail and practical way for applying.

meeting and presentation again with deisgner Micheal, mental adviser, light designer, discussed about the available materials in or limited budget for best effects we can do, and we list the things and possible budget out that.

we bought some materials and made first rehearsal with group fabric, in this time, we almost sure the way for our performance which is come into the space with specters with threads grouped them in five. Then breathing, eating and walking in a exaggerated way.

rehearsal again, and almost make sure of the final modification of the performance, then we tried to combine the digital part from Carol and RD with our perfromance

light designer Chris and Mark come in, we performances in front of them for thinking about the light design for us.

In accordance with the original design draft, I found two different colors of fabric, one of which uses a curtain at home; the first to make the most exterior styling, sewing machines do a simple fixed, layer by layer produced after confirmation form, each piece divided into three layers of clothes, including a T-shirt bottoming innermost outer layer of clothing plus a shawl, respectively. I used two different thicknesses, different colors of cloth, on the whole shape of distinguished level, in my rather long clothing more spacious dignified, amber costumes are shorter and more dynamic.At the  begining of the design, we have not developed the personalities of two of us, so , I just set a normal costume on both of us on the sketches. After completion after try, but also made some adjustments, cropping, where each of the suture reinforcement.