I decided that I want Oedipus Rex as my script for designing. The reason why I choose it is very simple: In terms of my critical research, I am focusing on spaces made by the theatre. When I read through this story, I can not stop thinking that ” how about Oedipus’s mother does not believe the oracle?” and ” what would happen if the servant of queen Jocasta killed Oedipus immediately? ” It seems that I could see quiet a number of possibilities of the story which leads to completely different results in diverse spaces. Also, I would like to have a consider about -the overlapping, the connection or just related to each other, to future and the past or one person to another one.  In addition, after so many years to adapt to the dramatic changes in the course of history, the most Oedipus the King is one of the earliest recorded almost the complete repertoire, so many years still in the theater has its own position. And I like the more simple drama, drama can hope to go back to the original, the most at first, I think that is most impressed by the local people.

There is the link of the script I read about which translated by David Grene : Oedipus the King


Above: as what sibu suggestion and method instruction  I started to analyze the spine of the story based on the script. This is this version of the spine I made, basically, I was just trying to summarize the main story structure, and there is full of description  in a very superficial level.

based on the first version of my spine, I analyze the story again and try to find the connection between every trigger, I found the main idea of this story is about fate and fatalism. Meanwhile, I found the ” journal” of Oedipus in his childhood and as an adult is also matched to each other. It could not be an accident but a kind of relationship as well.


IMG_5701I started to think about summing every trigger built the story,  try to think about the possible changes via every trigger and compare the feasible result owing this changes.However, with the speculate of possibilities of the story, I feel like, Once Oedipus is alive, this oracle will comes true. Based on that,  whatever he choose the destiny he choose, he is only walk to this end. Unless he lose his life before that happen. The action of ” break” is a powerful and dramatic gesture. 

Nonetheless, the spine is still about fate and fatalism, but how about death , or the inevitable death or inevitable tragedy?Although, the spine of the story is still about denstiny and fatalism. 


Today, I read some of the stories about King Oedipus writing (see it in 04/02/2015 research part) I began to feel like this is the MAKE SENSE, because the fault Laius committed. And I also began to feel the frustration and pain of the story characters. so, the more I think that this image of the “break” and the action seems to be alive in front of me, it seems more fitting such a helpless, powerless to change things.


so,  i thought about the action of” break” on stage, i realized that if I do some ceramic works, it could be break smash at the end of the story . or i could set a candle , maybe in some specific shapes, light it on stage and you can see it is becoming the the candle oil at the end. I may try to do some ceramic and wax works later.


today, I have a tutorial with Michael, I talked about my ideas and my understand of the script. He suggests me that, Oedipus Rex is a famous story and a lot of people had worked on it, I may check every version of the design for this story which may bring me a more suitable way to design it. Also, for my “various space ” idea, he suggested that I may have a look at a Japanese play Rashomon, which give a good structure of the story. Meanwhile, he has had an experience with this script as well for doing Oedipussuy. As you can see from the name, it could be a comedy which is opposite from the tragedy which may provide me another perspective of the story.


Based on the suggestion by Michael, I did some research and analysis of some Oedipus made by others.

the design made by george stypin is alwasys very / he use a icon of “eye” as the whole space for design, which refers the “ eye of god ” which is staring the people of everything they did./ the material is wood, which is quiet japanese way ( plus , in this play, they use a Japanese as a voiceover aside) / for character design, he used a lot of exaggerated, and huge  masks , and hand or body for illustrating his charecters more clear in that enormous sence.

2.ANALYSIS: as an opera , accompaniment sit in one line as the derecotion with very pale skin makeup and exaggerated facial features/Symmetrical rectangular stage, in the middle can be out of the door, half black half white scenery/countable main characters, with masks, exaggerated costume and make up as well

3.Giant masks with real actor’s individuality obliterated

4.You can try again from another angle to see the show’s content and form of expression, not too busy to limit the “tragedy” and “destiny” of these two elements.

5.I recalled that I have had a visit at the exhibition in oxford APGRD
Stravinsky’s opera-oratorio ‘Oedipus Rex’.I carefully studied all the details and designs fro characters, masks and  sets made by Ab’Elkader Farrah.Also, I think music is a quiet wonderful point for designing and responding for this play. Stravinsky’s design music for this play in a version of opera presents an epic brilliant passion.


Based on everything I did above, it seems that every point is pointing to the main idea: where I from, who am I, and where am I going —— this everlasting philosophical

 Alfred Russel Wallace ( He is best known for independently conceiving the theory of evolution through natural selection; his paper on the subject was jointly published with some of Charles Darwin’s writings in 1858. In this story, it was hypothesized that: whether a person is in becomes after orangutan, returned to live in the water for some time before they appear in the development of the human tribe.  based on the research of hypothesis primate ancestors, I started to think about the theatre location, I want it to be underwater.Based on the assumption, based on the study of primate ancestors, I started thinking about the position of the theater, I want it to be underwater. I tried to design some such underwater show, and to consider the possibility of this story in the water: including watching the image of the object, and, from the sound state of change under the water through the water.


I had a tutorial with Esther about my Oedipus Rex project.

Here is the some inspiration point I have below.

  1. three fates: they own a thread d your life, and they cut it off u died, that is the myth, about how they gods are controlling, your life or earth, the fates, the three witches, they go to be very beautiful and to be ugly, they are really interesting kind of physical representation. they also have a thread with them,
  2.  in greek drama, the theory a revenge, they are the hippies( n. 嬉皮士), often women with bird wings, that create revenge in greek drama, this ideas of the gods obviously, pushing to kind of metaphors(n. 隱喻) ,and in bodied by character, and they are wider, the wider concept,and that might be something interesting, to explore, some element that you think about as a greek drama, they span cloff .
  3. spider, sometimes, because she is like spider singing from her body, so sometimes she has a spider representation, she caught your cloth, they make more cloth, and determine your life.
  4. even though this is written by Sophocles.greek tragedy, eshicomers is the lack of the human skin / a Sophocles is somewhere, in the middle / repdies is really into the human minds, so we get the development of the greek drama about how much are they simple all the real person, the characters are, and I think sophocles is a half way between eshicomer, is the mental process of why you might kill your own children,. eshicomers is much more about the gods and the distance, and the characters are more like simbus, which we thought about full can developed in nowadays.
  5. he is called oedipus because of the nail makes the foots marks as well
  6. oedipussy, serious play – and you can think it more interesting , funny way. because it is a clearly a tragedy, you actual invert it in to a kind of comic
  7. immersive theatre – i don’t think oedipus could be a immersive type – you can try both, because you did your unit 1  as the “both type” this is very clever!
  8. oedipus is swollen foot, that is the greek, oedipus is ,  and oedi is swollen, he is called oedipus because of the nail, the nail makes the foots swells as well.  
  9. foot , Cinderella, that notion of foot, put nails and bonds tight your foot ,because oedipus is about the foot, there is a phase of “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”  除非你充分了解人家的立场,不可轻易作出评估,maybe it could be something about feets that you can get the audiences to play with. it may interactive with a immersive theatre, does something this way, and your straight play, for one to a better world  for you move formal piece of opera.
  10. what if they do not do that ?it could be made it possible, as be, oedipus is online, as an avatar, and you can choose, somehow, just like a game . you can choice that “ this happens ”  because that would happen really now without online life. Facebook or not, because all those ,there is more free play on the digital  world, in relationship to the real world, and also , when u died, you still have online life, Facebook now get a policy , you can apply to get someone taken off Facebook when they died, so you can sign to something that can be removed.  it is all about other life out there, in the virtual.
  11. mantis:  female eats her husband, something could relevant between mother and her child,  spiders,  think about more about the visions. Pelican [動]鵜鶘 ,中世纪, symbol of god ,for no reason , they thinks this pelican feed their child with their blood in chest , bits themselves, they think it is ind of present f jesus,  it is a young, eating the blood, which present the Christ.
  12. leprosy, you can not feel anything, you start to hurt yourself. they believe, in the middle ages, 131 year,  ,if u wash in the blood, you can cure yourself. Sames as  Elizabeth Bathory,  countess of blood, wash in blood.
  13. Another greek story: there is some notion of eating,  Goya saturn devoting his son, its about,politics, eating ,physical.

This time with ESTHER’s tutorial gave me a lot of inspiration and enlightenment, the next few days I will try to try different possibilities, on the basis of these ideas. , But it seems to be a fundamentally impossible, we have to consider too many problems, so the idea may not be fundamentally realized. From here, I can use the concept; it should be a question about the “me”, and perhaps might be able to find some way to express the “water” status.


I did several researchs of the points above.

cannibalism art culture :  after did a research of Goya’s story, I was shocked by the cruel, bloody and out of ethical bottom line. This feeling is similar to the feel when I read through Oedipus rex: parents throw their newborn child with his feet were set on a nail, young son killed his father, treated him as an enemy.I think this scene will be vital strong of visual sense of the scene. So we may be in this scene, by adding something like “Oedipus the King’s parents, eating” feet “may be like a foot same food, such an act to strengthen them even crueler, for their tragic fate finally pave the way. When it comes to foot, the foot can also be a whole play a vital element in this, based on my did some drawing and painting in the reflection, that trotters can be a good choice, is to the table. At the same time, such an eating behavior in animals also means absolute control over the power position. I think this is a great symbol.

threads: I found threads is a very good choice as the common elements using in all the play as the control of the main point of the story.

19/02/2016 reflection of threads


The video and sketch above is from class with Michael about how can we work with director. In this class, he played music for us for three times, with that music, we were expected to do the reflection of the music, compare three sketches and the feelings between them. At my first reflection of that music, I hold them together, made my sketch with three pens at the same time. I really enjoyed and feel exciting of the music and want to record every time of it, and Because the of the different force on them and the different features and colors of them, I received a real good work which i did not expect for. At the third time, I was seems used that the music, felt very peace of it, so I painted a very small pattern slowly and patiently.It seems the first time for me to understand the favor for lines and threads of me.

I did more research of THREE FATES  and I found the lines will be very expressive if it’s correctly used words. At the equal time, the line will be associated three fates, they may be able to control the entire line of the stage, and then monitor the progress of things on the stage of the story takes place a particular occurrence. As a result, I began to try to seek to do some small-scale model of my idea to TEST。



inspired by our pupptry classes, when I was doing ceramic set for design, I reliazied that I could do a ceramic figure with every of his body part moving.Also, it start to me one questin that,  for solving the problem of ” how can I set an OBJECT on stage, in my design, which could move and do gestures as AN real Human.”

above: there is my whole process of ceramics works , this work takes about two week for modeling it , fire it and put some color on it. And the figure I tried to make is in scale of 1:25, however, it is not that perfect because it is too tiny to fire. Fire will break it  Also, it will shrink after fire. As you can see, I made the whole body but I just receive several good part of it, so I use iron wires to repair it.


。sometimes, I will doubt that what the real meaning of theatre design. We have no budget, no space for design, no actors give a vivid for this space, how can we present our design, our imagination of the transforming of the theatre, all we can do seems become images, description, text. The most important part of theatre is all about performance, if there is only space, for feeling, for attend in, our design for theatre will be very dead. This feeling is more strong when I am here, especially in a country in a completely different language surrounding, I can not use beautiful and exactly words to present what I want to tell, it quite confuses me and at the same time, it is a good thing as well, for me working in a space. because, it provide me with a stronger feeling of understanding the limitation of words and languages, and have more passion for gestures, facial expression, and performance.which is exactly back to the nature of human being. I term of my critical research, the part of flow spaces made by the human body. For instance: I attend some mime performance couple of weeks before at London Mime Festival. I can understand every humour and touching point. (instead of some famous plays, actor said something, everyone was laughing expect me, that feel is so …bad and really make me start to think) so, based on the experiences of the theatre design for us, as a student right now, I want to figure out how can I present a story, a script, in a more understandable way or a visual-able way. The answer for me now is “IMAGE VIDEOS” which means I need to design a theatre that could be really transformed and figures that can really do gestures like a human being.


today, I started to do the wax works. I asked techinishim in cast workshop and did the model shape of oedipus. there is the all the process I have before our midterm exhibition.



based on the research and reflection above, the idea of the “threads theatre” comes in my mind, as a starting point, I try to make it into different scenes, also, I have the coming design of the appearance and Oedipus and Louis.the idea of thread would be the main point of my design, and I would like to develop it in a more detail way and think about how can I make it in the real world. Also, the atmosphere and characters would be thought about.




IMG_5871 IMG_5870 IMG_5868


recording of tutorial with Michael.

1. if threads are strong enough, it may walk and climb on.
2. internal show just displays ideas for unit
3. some of the threads in space designs made into some models that show people that I am trying to do a some test of my designs.and also, it will be good that put figures inside of the models that make sure people understand that is not a sculpture.
4. some pieces of writing explaining my ideas and how it developing and working.
5. maybe, tables and display board could be all design and twine by threads.


follow Michael’s suggestion, I started to do some models, here is all the thing I down before Easter Holiday.


Today each of us class did a ten mins presentation of what you did and what you are doing and what is yours towards to unit3. I did a presentation of Oedipus and Micheal gave me a suggestion of ” transformation” which means I could think about more, maybe create a better way for setting my experimental threads in ad out, and make them be connected.

This work is very towards to Unit3 so that I would think about the real perform at the next step and develop it.这