puppetry workshop with mark and Michael

18 / 02 /2016 puppet introduction 


22 / 02 /016  Lecture with Tim Garrett in L1 TASE studio

  1. Bunraku puppets, Japan  文乐,木偶
  2. Plato’s allegory of the cave, 4th century B.C



  1. Manipulated moving images
  2. Simulacra
  3. Animated objects
  4. Puppets and performing objects

Our relationships with ‘stuff ‘

  1. Narratives
  2. Animation
  3. Performance

First people(Canada)

Masks and puppets

  Puppets visual effects by rob botin

Fragile rock (1983)

Labyrinh (1986)

The king(1982)

Total recall(1990)

The sound of music (1985) bill baird

Thundebrids( 1965) Neal Scanian studio

Spitting image (1984) fluke and law

Faulty optic – rob/ bunralcu – style puppets very theatre style of this

Table top puppets

Complicate- shut kin – bureau style

Richard Teschner, vienna(1879-1948)

theory and practice

  1.types of puppet

  1. marionette

4.4.hand puppet

rod puppets   n. 竿, ,

indonesian rod puppets

Oskar Schlemmer’s triadisches Ballet, Bauhaus

quatre gats

chat noir



romantic /modernist era

mr punch,punchinello, guignol, kasperi, karagoz

condemnation of idolatry – the fail of the puppets?

judea-christian ‘stuff’ – the virgin spain

23 / 02 / 2016 researches

Above: oskar Schlemmer’s triadisches, Ballet, Bauhaus

Schlemmer used the human body as a medium, experimenting with pantomime and ballet with this performance. I think it may be a good way to do puppetry, costume and theatre design together.He saw the movement of puppets and marionettes as aesthetically superior to that of humans, as it emphasised that the medium of every art is artificial. at the first part, which takes place on a stage dressed in lemon yellow colors, is a comedic burlesque. the subject of the second part, on a stage dressed in pink, has a festival/ ceremonial air.Finally, the third parts is developed in a mystical/ fantastical way before a totally black background. Three dancers,two men a woman, perform twelve dances alternating forms.

25 / 02 /2016 puppetry workshop with mark and Michael

we have a meet with Mark, who is a good puppeteer. He talked about his experience and basic knowledge about puppets.

what is puppet?

  1. mechanism 机械装置
  2. object manipulated 物品的熟练操控
  3. some relation with human being , physically or mentally
  4. children and animals : ex. equus , war horse
  5. provoke the imaginations : big names. Gordon craig, Kleist
  6. the importance of the joint.
  7. focus on eyes
  8. how many people doing the puppets? depends on what we are doing .
  9. first of all , we should make the head , make it works, then, you can add arms or other things. which means one joint should controlled by one man.
  10. slight moves, which means, ex, if a head moves, the other body parts should move as well , slightly, to be make it more like a real person.
  11. then we can think about materials, cubism, maybe cardboard, making method , prototyping, gaffer, webbing , anatomy
  12. 手部橡胶材料的制作,先用clay将作品雕塑出来,然后用石膏塑形,最后用其他材料翻模。
  13. styrofoam, miuiput
  14. 用来收控制的部分用木头与金属制作
  15. tirantis 4d model shop
  16. aluminum as a good material


then, in our group ,we talked about the costumes inspired by koledįny costume.

Above:In Poland, the oldest form of carol singers is called “chodzenie z turoniem” (in Polish, “Walking with a Tur”). Boys carry a symbol or a mask of a Polish extinct bison called “tur”.

basically ,Marta talked about that there could be four characters angel, devil, horse and bird, they knock doors and blessing people. we could make puppets as our costume in the scale of 1:1 and make it very exaggerated and maybe set some mechanism inside of it and make it works well. and we give a name of “blessing ” of our team, a song for the performance, which is the op of american horror story because we want to make it very creepy. however, Mark suggested us that just have one creature and design it into different features. 



26 / 02 /2016 puppetry workshop with mark and Michael 2


MARK required us to do the structure/ joint of our design in a very rough way with cardboard.  With ideas comes from yesterday, I made some drawing of the birds.

so, we are trying to do use cardboard to do the bird head.  this is really hard work to figure out. so basically , we want the head of the bird could be move well, and the beak or snout of the bird could open and close. so, we hold a column as a spine,tied around the waist with tape, and use a stick to hold the down beak for moving. 

so, with this design, mark suggested us to try a way for improve the joint our our birds. we, tried and he helped a lot, there is a video underside that showing the good structure of our work.

this design is very easy and effective, we just would like to use our hand to control the up and down mouth of bird, and the direction as well. in our group, we would like to make that as our basement and four of us would try to create it’s appearance in our own way.


At the same time, I would there is another famous image of birds which is plague doctor,The plague doctor’s costume was the clothing worn by a plague doctor to protect him from airborne diseases. The costume, originating in the 17th century, consisted of an ankle length overcoat and a bird-like beak mask often filled with sweet or strong smelling substances (commonly lavender), along with gloves, boots, a brim hat, and an outer over-clothing garment.

at the same time, I think doctors in that period symbolized good luck or the hope of life, which refers to our main theme ” blessing”  so ,I did some sketches of it.

then, I am really attracted by the skeleton of birds creatures, so I want to make it’s appearance like a dead bird, with skeleton on its face.

next, I would like to test some light materials and fabric to build my bird.



today we developed our idea into a better shape.

we finished the machoism part that the mouth of bird would move by hand, it is very easy and quick way to do that .IMG_5420IMG_5419


so, based on everything we did previously, we want to develp our bird monster in a more detail way. Because we decided a structure of our work which is  1. a head with a mouth could be closed and open, 2. fabrics covered the puppeteer

So I did some research very based on birds.

Above: references by the drawing comes from ???? , I thought we could do something like this.


based on the design and the mouth movement part, with grand’s help, we try to make make it in a real way.

the most difficult part is the movement of his mouth while we want to make tail move as well. so it is that we just have two  hands and we want it to be stable and puppeteer can easily doing that .Grand suggested that we can make it into something that could be holded on your body so your hands will be free to do that movement.

so we thought about joint of that hand by small columns, and it is working well, so we also did something for holding .






I responsable for the decoration part of one bird. At first I want to just have a fabric cover body and the head with neck could cover it. However, it shows the shape of my body, so I tried to make it bigger.

IMG_7190副本 IMG_7186副本 IMG_7193副本 IMG_7193副本 IMG_7174副本 IMG_7172副本IMG_7195副本 IMG_7200 IMG_7181副本 IMG_7197副本04/05/2016

here is the final look of the bird.IMG_7398


today we did the last embellishment for our two birds.

I did the grey bird’s back head and its neck. soohyun amd goncalo did the belt thing for holding the bird’s head. tomorrow we gonna have a rehearsal for it.




11/05/2016 – 12/05/2016

we did rehearsal with BA students.

IMG_7505 IMG_7507 IMG_7509



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