I watched a play named Horror, which is a memo work in the London international memo festival.

Image ref: http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2016/jakop-ahlbom-company-horror/gallery


here is the information of the performance.


This is a play with a strong sense of ceremony which involved about of different forms of performance. This diverse forms leads to an abundant interesting effects which interrupt the serious style. The special effects are great and surprising . For example, someone was covered by a piece of fabric, and then , it hangs on in the air, but , when another character pul it out, there was nothing. small items like the moving table, chairs frame, and moving hands (basically, this show involved some elements of magic or circus elements and technology as well ) This different interesting surprise really gives various points for audience to catch. There are lots of mechanism as well (sofa, the bathtub or small path on the ground or the wall for caracters moving.) Although it is just a mime, we still could see different personalities on each characters by their interesting performance. The image of the ghost was roaring , her exaggerated mouth and the combination of the sounds and lights really reach the effect on the TV ( good perspective for viewing that ) 。 There are double-screen design and three main spaces for characters showing different contents works with the clear hierarchical light.

however, for some degree, the style of the whole place was not that unite – the elements are too much and fragmental . For instance, the dance provided by the main character is brusque in that context. this factors involved in the performance seems be put together with different piece of works (sandal in ring , masks in sleepnomore )When Ray, the director of this mime, was answering the question that audience gave, he mentioned that this performance is just a three-month-made play, and he did chose different movie clips and added them together in the play, so that is not that strange for this broken structure and non-origanized elements.

future development:

this is the first time for me to have a watch on mime, there is no diolog , so for me , there is no struggle for me to understand this play . I used to think about mime would be boring, however, with the help of lights and sounds ,it is excited . And, because it is a mime without dialog, something really should be enriched and filled for present the same or better effects in the theatrical context. maybe details or the exaggerated elements.



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