3048059-poster-p-1-the-amazing-world-of-mc-escherMc Escher’s work are considered very carefully, details can be seen in the structure and shape. For instance, many of his works are seen in the spherical mirror surface which depicting the extent of detailed and showing his extraordinary ability in understand geometry. With his works development, the structure is become delicate, slowly, the from of figurative is becoming abstract. This changes leaves me the impression of raising the level and transition of styles of Escher. Besides, he did a lot of printers for showing the deeper understood of the whole physical three-dimension space. He had great talent of geometry and he practiced it, so later, his works shows the developed transforming of imagination and restructuring of space. He started to treat space in an opposed way, change it , distort it , convert automatically in both two-dimension and three-dimension. For example, he put two different perspectives in a unified architecture depending on the two people are spliced together to form a space and orderly disorder. He developed a lot of changes in the space, diffe3-IMG_1871rent space intertwined with each other. The space is for all kinds of irrelevant intertwined in normal visual.

Escher’s works inspired me a lot. First of all a meticulous and rigorous work that gives me a sense of power; secondly, spaces in Escher’s world jump off all of the physical limitations form a unique , incredible space.



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