Caravan Theatre

I attend the Caravan Theatre on 18th October .

This experience was very like a journal , a journey for intervening in the lives and thought of others.

I was late that day when I finally run along The Thames River to the location of performance. I asked the  girl who were admitting that may I still participate in that performance , she said yes and keeping me wait for about 10 minutes.

Finally I got  a breath for standing side The Thames River and looked around the surrounding and passers-by.Kids were run around, street artists were showing off their respective ability for attracting customers. In this beautiful weekend , people was in leisure, speaking to strangers kindly and enjoying the view of The Thames River.

I was standing there, watching and feeling that open space, the rapid flowing water in The Thames River. It gave me a kind of feel that how beautiful life is and how fast the time goes on.


I entered the caravan which is a very narrow space . There are two sofas and a small table on the left side, the right is a cabinet with a door. Cupboard was under a stove, the stove top through rectangular windows, see through it is The Thames. This time, the actor Sammy Kissin came in, she was very friendly and greeted us. SHE shut the door, and calmly moved a stool sit in front of windows. Then she began to share her love story with us, just like saying her innermost secrets as to an old friend. (The story took place in the Thames edge when it comes to emotional place, she will  pointed through the window and saying “there is a place where I met George” or “The story between me and George like fast disappearing water in the river) I am very impressed her love story, even though I knew she was telling the story takes place in a totally different time and space, when I’m with her fingertips to the point of view of the Thames, I seem immediately saw she smiled and George on the other side to speak.

For this lovely experience, I made some summarizes in my study field.

1.continuing audience experiences  ( specter participate )

I read some sentences in the Chinese translation version of Environmental Theatre by Richard Schechner : ……A environment is where theatre events happening, however,it is not limited to the stage or the actors, but all the interlock system which relating to the performance ……whatever the environment is in the  ecological aspects or theatre ,  not only it can be thought of a space but can be visualized as active operation which exist in a  complex system . They are the interaction in a organized living ……”

Indeed, all of my describe above of the period before I exactly entry that  caravan theatre, that is a part of the performance and the experience of that performance. Before I have the performance’s story in my mind, I had the same feeling of overlapped space and time when I was watching The Thames River. I started to think about the history , the happened or happening events just at the same place.

2. put audience in that environment. ( site-specific and thoughtful design for the whole space )

That is really smart that the designer put the caravan just at the Thames where set the story there as well. I can image if I attend this performance in New York , that will be a totally different reflection of the story.  Be affected by this performance, I saw audience who attend in that performance with me , standing side the Thames and watching the water thoughtfully, for one moment and  went away.

3.close show (performer and the power of eyes)

8 of our strangers were arranged entry that performance together, the performer Sammy Kissin was really good that she just treat us as one person , with eye contact with everyone. When I was gazed her eyes , and she gazed mine, I feel there were just two of us in that closed space and shared our deep secret., For shortcoming, the period of performance is too short,  and the story structure is simple for us to predict.



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