night watcher in Tower of London

I have a great immersive theatre experience in Night Watcher .

Here is the email I got from the event.( please open it in a new link and have  a quick scan what is on that , that was a particular way for participating

what should be noticed is that , the Laura, which is the girl who wrote for me at the very beginning of this event, is the person who on my contacts when I was really took part in that event. she was keeping the continuing for the going of events. So what I can say is that : from this moment , the event , and this immersive feeling and participate has already started, and it is on my schedule , so , I was just keep noticing that date, and try to make sure i prepared fully, and also, starred for telling people, ( or not the real telling, but the intimate or just notice this events.)

After having a meet and a chat about the mentions for taking part in this event, the person who wearied a red scarf guide me to another person, who was just behind a Subway or some fast-food restaurant, I can not recall remember it clearly, She carried a huge travel case , wearied a big sun-glass ( yes, that was a night ),and stand there just like a original person . Then we stand around her by our small group. She required us to get as much closer to her as we can, notice us for caring from others , (actual there were no other actors who played as a passer-by , but ,after her told us so, I just became very careful of surrounding and it game me a Illusion that everybody were actor….., we are at the backdoor of Subway, and a staff , a real staff came out trash, which exactly scared me and rase my 100% attention for noting him.we were just staring him and thought about he will be some act …. (Well , he must be scared by our staring as well)) Then ,she started whispering of this “secret event”and gave us a black bag, which has a phone( as a digital guide and the storyline for the whole event. ) ,a huge headphone, (which connected with the phone, and i guess that – why they did not use a much more small earbuds – for collection and for the staff members in The Tower of London for recognizing our operative ) , telescope ( for viewing the scenery at a quiet surrounding at the processing of the event ), two cards, (one flower, one pattern ) for interactive with other operatives, (there is a step that ask you give a flower for the reliable person you think around you, and give the pattern one to the person you think is a good one.

I can not identify if it was a immersive theatre or not, because it was more feels like an explore in the Tower of London. The most interesting part in this experience is there were no actors anymore except the lady who carried that huge travel case, however, when you followed that phone guide, it seems that everyone around you is the actor.

For instance:

At the beginning,  digital guide asked me to come to a glass balustrade attractions nearby, and told me to find the person who was closest to me. I looked around  and saw a couple, or lovers, they were looking at the Tower of London and point to somewhere interesting and taking pictures. At that time, I was surprised that how accurate of actors walking! because people in our group had already became separated ,it was really hard for every actor locating one specter.  So,with my interest, I slowly close to them as the guide say so, staring their body movement seriously. From the heart, I was pretty sure that they were actors and there would be a conversation with me. However, the fact is, they finished the view and left ,walked into a coffee shop.When I was wondering whether I kept following or not, guide told me to go forward. My heart was almost determined they were just tourists while I still suspect the  1% of they are actors!  For this strange feeling , I considered that because I have already placed myself in the context of the performance, this kind of assumption generated the illusion in my heart .

When I was reading through The Empty Space written by Peter Brook, I realized  that : An empty stage become tangible from intangible by the actor’s imaginative performances and  the imaginative of audience. How can thearical elements entry the inner world and inner feeling of audiences is through this kind of  “tangible” outside the action in the world.



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