Heartbreak Hotel


I visited heatbreak hotel for a immersive experience when I was doing my prep courses in UAL.

Locate  prepare and previous feeling

It happened at The jetty ,which is a temporary platform for immersive performance on the River Thames.

I traipsed to from LCC, to Greenwich,  it was a sense  of ritualization when I finally saw about the hotel, and people holding a cider under the neon lights, side the campfire having a pleasant chat. This theatre was made by some abandoned shipping containers –  After I checked in at the box-office-cum-check-in-desk, I went through the hotel reception.

order of the performance and space

We were divided into groups that experience  in a different order, which makes for a fragmented narrative  parts of the whole story. I can have a blur image of the whole story but it was not easy to order them together again as TOM EAMES say in his one article : 

Sadly, despite several scenes being genuinely funny and intriguing, the story never really explains what it’s all about or where it’s going, as if you were meant to know the backstory before arriving. The actors give great performances, but it was as if the writers stopped halfway through and left it as it was.

However, I do not really think that was a drawback. If it was a very clear context of the storyline, the immersive theatric sense and the curiosity for the truth would not be that strong.

Actors play out the same theatrical loop again and again , led us  walk around different rooms just like some voyeur for their strange ,different, personal live.(Some times, actors just though us were not exist, some times , they made some interaction with us.)What should be mention is ,that is really beautiful and out of my expectation transformation from one containers to numerous distinct rooms that make up the hotel.The space and time in that performance was overlapped and independent.

The problem is, for some reason (maybe the income), audiences were assigned in very large amount , so that when we were changing the rooms, we still could see the previous group of audience were still leaving that room. At the same time, me, as a shorty,was easily blocked by others because of the narrow space in the room.


“In some rooms the design is bang-out bonkers: beds are suspended upright, a corridor is filled with sand and a cupboard is crammed with quirky props. Other scenes, though, strain for some sort of realism. “wrote by M.Gillnson. Faded wallpaper, squeak sound floor, heavy leather suitcase, warm yellow light, and tired travelers, they are all the elements of this trippy and chaotic world. When I finished the experience, I need to have a rest at the front of the theatre, and then, I could have faith go back to that realistic world in wind.




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